February News – Reflexology Validations

Sole to Heal Reflexology has had a busy start to the year.  Fully booked for January and new clients continuing to book in for February.  Already we are seeing fantastic results from the reduction of lymphoedema, (fluid retention and tissue swelling); pain reduction; clarity of mind;  reduction of hot flushes and improved elimination.

Body map of pressure points on the feet for major organs and glands


Clients are beginning to move from their regular weekly appointments to fortnightly appointments.  As the body adjusts to the self-healing process the removal of many tensions, which are likely to have been held in the body for long periods of time, show in the results reflexologists get.  We find that regular maintenance treatments then help to ensure that new tensions are quickly released before a build up can re-occur.

It is wonderful on the research front also to see validation of reflexology.  Scientists have been using MRI scanning to follow the results of reflexology from a clinical perspective and we now see confirmation of the basic tenets of reflexology, affirming what reflexologists see every day: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008/02/prweb685383.htm

For more links on reflexology research and the lymphatic System see my reflexology links page or my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SoletoHealReflexology/

We now have available 12 monthly treatments for the price of 11. Monthly maintenance treatments are a wonderful way to bring balance to your life and release any tension build up in your body. Book your monthly treatment and receive your loyalty card.  By relaxing your mind, body and emotions you gain clarity and steadiness of purpose.  Book this month and your free treatment will be a wonderful way to start the New Year in 2017.


I look forward to meeting and greeting you and your feet.

Enjoy my article about my reflexology journey, pages 12 to 14, in the wonderful Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Magazine below:


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  1. I was interested to read your update for January/February Tracey. As a Reflexologist myself, it is always interesting to read of treatments given and the outcomes for specific areas. Of course, this helps Clients see the value of on going treatments and working together with their Practitioner to reach improvement in their well-being. All the best Tracey for the weeks ahead in your Reflexology business. You are a true and valued Professional.


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