This week I had the privilege of working at an Auckland Superclinic giving reflexology treatments to nurses with a small group of complementary  health therapists.  It was a wonderful opportunity to give something back to those who work hard in caring for patients every day at the hospital. 

I was able to treat twenty nurses during the 8 hours we were there doing twenty minute treatments on the feet.  The nurses loved having a day that was about looking after themselves particularly considering the challenges they face everyday in nursing.  Caring for those who have to undergo challenging operations and then assisting with the stages of recuperation in a busy hospital environment.

The treatment offered included aromatherapy warm up massage and reflexology.  While a full one hour reflexology treatment brings much benefit to clients on a regular basis, these 20 minute treatments are ideal for businesses and busy people who don’t always have the time available to come to a clinic for an hour’s treatment. 

Touch itself is a healing process for many.  Combined with the aroma of essential oils and the rebalancing effects of gentle pressure on reflexology points, the body is revitalised and deeply relaxed on many levels, both physical and subtle.  With the positive responses of the nurses, we could see how Aromaflexology could be a perfect tool for a busy world.

There is much current research being done into the efficacy of Reflexology and Aromatherapy as tools for wellbeing.  I, myself, have seen success in reduction of menopause systems and as the following link show that evidence is now becoming available to match these results:

Here we also see research on reflexology and aromatherapy in pain reduction, how they can assist in reducing work place stress and staff retention, and how this can assist hospital staff and patients:


Aromaflexology is a combined treatment that includes Aromatherapy oil massage with Reflexology.



The word Aroma refers to the sense of smell.  Our smell receptors send information to our body and brain through our olfactory system, the nose and attached organs.  We all know that smelling the roses is relaxing.  Different oils bring different qualities of response.  Some are revitalising, some are relaxing and all have an impact on our emotional awareness. 

One of the first statements clients make when they walk into my clinic, is how wonderful the room smells.  This is the aroma of the essential oils.  Immediately, clients begin to feel relaxed.

Aromatherapy oils also have specific chemical components which react with the chemistry of our body.  Much study has been done today in the chemistry of aromatherapy oils and the oils are utlised for healing on many levels including subtle aromatherapy, mental, emotional and physical.



In Reflexology the body is mapped on to the feet, hands, ears and face.  Skin receptors on these areas of our body send messages along the nervous and muscular systems to bring balance back into the body.  Reflexology is a gentle touch massage that relaxes and revitalises the body as it is encouraged to bring itself back into balance.  Enjoy the following Reflexology NZ Introduction to Reflexology.


In combination these two modalities provide a system of healthcare that is proactive, encouraging the body’s energy systems towards health and relaxation, thereby enabling the body to connect to its own self-healing properties.   Through this proactive, relaxing process the body can remain in a state of vitality and balance.  Each persons response of course is unique to them.

When the body is in a state of healthy vitality, the mind has clarity, the emotions remain calm, the physical body is strengthened and intuitively enabled towards recognising what is naturally good for it’s own continued wellbeing.  This includes being aware of right diet, right exercise and right thought.  All these areas of health, if left out, lead to some of our common conditions of dis-ease.

The use of aromatic oils for smell and the understanding of the scientific physical properties of the oils on the body combined with the revitalising, balancing effects of Reflexology leads to a system of wellbeing that is effective for the treatment of many of these areas of dis-ease.

When healthcare providers all work together, with their areas of expertise and training knowledge,  a powerful system of healthcare is made available for all.  Bringing Aromatherapy and Reflexology together is one such area of combined knowledge that can lead to better health and wellbeing.



One area of health that is growing in awareness is that of working with the body’s energetic systems.  Subtle (non-physical) modalities of healing work on the premise that we have a subtle, energetic body that has a vibrational quality.  Often tapped into through meditation, reiki, chakra or auric healing and other such healing modalities, these forms of treatment work on levels often less tangible to the physical eye.   These treatments can have profound, beneficial effects that lead beyond the usual feelings of uplift or release of anxiety of traditional treatment modalities.

Through the study of psychology we can understand some of these effects and they can include visualisations, mental states akin to deep meditation, feeling a sensation of floating and feelings of deep bliss.  The non-physical effects of essential oils are still being explored and in general tend to be quite a personal experience. 


As Patricia Davis states, in her book Subtle Aromatherapy (pgs6-7),

‘Experiencing essential oils as an aid to one’s own personal growth or spiritual development … is the surest way to learn what effects they have.  A massage sesion planned to affect the physical body and perhaps the mental/emotional level may then take on another dimension.  Such experiences often leave the individual with feelings of deep bliss’

and in my experience, a deepening connection to their higher self or soul.





Robbi Zeck, a pioneer in the use of essential oils for the spirit, offers a beautiful heart centered approach to the use of the oils in her book, ‘The Blossoming Heart’.  Through the sense of smell we know how easily memories of the past are invoked.  Often to release an energy block we need to look at our memories in a different way. 

Robbi, in her book, states this perfectly when she says,

‘The suble quality of an essential oil can penetrate an area in our consciousness that has perhaps been fixated or limiting’.  By obsdrving the memory from a different perspective, we allow for a richness of understanding that we may not have experienced in the past and this can lead to new possibilities.’ (pg 22).

By encouraging a client to select their own essential oil during a treatment, a whole new perspective can be gained.  Robbi’s book gives beautiful readings for each essential oil, through her years of clinical experience in her Essential Oil Reflections, from the subtle levels of understanding.  By sharing these with a client a whole new exploration of life purpose can unfold bringing a more subtle level of healing and understanding.


Treatments are now available at the Sole to Heal Clinic for combined Aromaflexology therapies.  For those with less time 30 minute hand treatments or 45 minute foot treatments are available and are perfect to bring balance into a busy life. 

Hand treatments are wonderful for the business person who is on the computer all the time, the busy administrator and any one who uses their hands a lot in their workplace.  For those on their feet all the time, the foot treatment is perfect. 

For businesses a day of 20 minute treatments could be the perfect way to give back to your staff, to show appreciation for all the dedication, service and help given to keeping your business successful.

For a subtle Aromaflexology experience, selecting your own oil with a beautiful reading, allow for an hour’s treatment.  We can together enjoy exploring new intentions while beginning to release some of the memories that may be holding us back. 

I am a Professional Member of the Organisations Reflexology New Zealand and the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand

Always ensure that your Reflexologist is fully qualified as a practicing Professional Reflexologist.  To find out more about Professional Reflexologists please visit the Reflexology New Zealand website:


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