Reflexology – Relax and Recharge

Reflexology aims to restore the natural self-healing, homeostatic, processes of a well functioning body through relaxation of the nervous system and balancing of healthy feedback loops.  Reflexology is a wonderful tool for:

  • Releasing congestions
  • Hormonal balancing – Menopause & Andropause
  • Relaxation & support pre and post pregnancy
  • Helping children sleep & relax – reflex points for parents
  • Nurturing Feet, Face, Hands and Ears (tools we use everyday)
  • Joint Pain & Arthritis
  • Revitalising energy & mobility
  • Reducing lymph inflammations
  • Pacifying chronic pain levels
  • Relieving Headaches, sinuses and allergies
  • Nurturing emotional well-being
  • Activating Clarity of mind
  • Relaxing symptoms of Asthma
  • Relaxing Back Strain
  • Empowing Relationships
  • Improving Circulation
  • Stimulating Productivity

Reflexology is known as a wonderful tool for bringing relaxation during and after treatments.  Clinical evidence is now proving that the reduction Reflexology brings to stress and worry also assists before and after major operations.  Reflexology’s ability to relax the body initiates a sense of peace that enables a reduction in pre-operation worries.  Post-op, deep relaxation, encourages the body in it’s own self-healing processes.

Reflexology is applied through circular movements on specific reflexes found on the feet, hands, ears and face.  Through the pressure applied vital energy is stimulated while congestions or imbalances are released.  However, relaxation and vital energy balancing are just two of the many successes of Reflexology.

I had an elderly client recently who underwent major eye surgery.  After surgery my client sent me an email saying the following, “I got through the eye surgery and I know the reflexology helped because I felt much more relaxed before my surgery.  In relationship with those around me I find that I am expressing myself in a much calmer way.   This means I am now pursuing more of my interests in volunteer work and I feel more at peace within myself.  Thank you so much.”

Iin many countries, Reflexology is now part of the model for modern integrated clinical care facilities.  Dr Mehmet Oz, of the TV show, Dr OZ, is a celebrated heart surgeon and cofounder of the Complementary Care Centre at the New York Columbia Hospital.  Among other therapies, he utilises Reflexology.  His patients report quicker healing times post op and less stress throughout.  In his book titled, ‘Healing from the Heart’, Dr Oz talks about Reflexology and baseball star Frank Torre:

‘Frank used to like what he called “that footsie thing” so much that his eyeballs would sometimes roll back and he would fall into a deep, restful sleep after a forty five to sixty-minute treatment (pg 6). Frank still continues his Reflexology sessions several years after his transplant’ (pg 8).  Frank’s operation pre and post op was successful.  By utilising the complementary care tools available, Frank was enabled to deal healthily and in a balanced manner with what was a major operation.

Here Dr Oz mentions some feedback often given: ‘Immediately after a Reflexology session patients usually report a feeling of lightness and relaxation, sometimes even mentioning a kind of “release” in the area needing treatment. (pg110).

I often have clients mention these releases during treatments and as we discuss the findings, from my foot profile at the end of treatments, clients are often pleased that what we find matches their experience of imbalances they have already known of in their bodies. One of the most popular responses I have at the end of treatments is, ‘I feel so relaxed and my feet / hands feel wonderful’.  In the days following treatments clients usually notice a sense of peace and feel a boost of revitalising energy leading to clarity of thought and a clear mind.

As Service providers Reflexologists are one of the modern Complementary Care treatment options for today!  I found it worth a try and went on to study Reflexology.  The benefits to health and wellbeing are recognised so I reckon it is well worth taking a little Reflexology time to Relax and Recharge our bodies!  Like our modern devices, we too need to work well, in harmony with the world around us.  A little time to switch off while recharging equals a healthy, fully energised body.

Reflexology sessions usually last an hour and weekly treatments are recommended initially as we work on clearing imbalances in the body or working on specific conditions.  The Sole to Heal Clinic offers a package deal for new clients of 6 weekly treatments for the price of 5.  As improvements are seen treatments can be extended to fortnightly or three weekly.  Most clients then continue coming monthly as a way of maintaining health and wellbeing in the body.

Reflexology complements other therapies and works well alongside healthy nutrition and regular exercise.  An initial wellbeing consultation helps to explore how treatments can be tailored to help improve your lifestyle and health.  At the end of the treatment we discuss our findings with you and we work towards a course of action to help you achieve your goals.  Treatments can be on the Feet or Hands and often Ear and Facial Treatments are included where needs be for individual treatment plans.

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