What is Facial & Ear Reflexology?

What is Facial Reflexology?

             Sam Belyea’s Facial Reflexology Points (www.footwhisperer.com)

This Facial Reflexology treatment incorporates western Reflexology principles where the extremities have been mapped in accordance with the body’s natural order: head/neck reflexes on top in the forehead, chest/shoulders reflexes around the eyes, then the upper core/digestive reflexes at the upper cheeks, followed by the lower core/digestive reflexes at the lower cheeks and at the base we have the lower body reflexes at the jaw – occurring in the same way our body is ordered as we do with the foot and hand Reflexology treatments.

What happens during the Facial Reflexology treatment?

On your arrival we start with a wellbeing consultation that allows for the taking down of current health conditions  and your, the client’s expectations for the treatment.  It is important that we work alongside your other health practitioners to offer a balanced approach to your wellbeing. Having an understanding of your current health and treatment plans is vital to ensuring we are all working together for your most optimal health benefits.

We begin the treatment with a nice hot towel wrap which immediately relaxes the face with the warmth and helps open the skin’s pores, promotes better circulation, makes the skin softer, relaxes the muscles around the eye area and eases tiredness from the body.

We follow this with a nice Organic Rose hydrosol (rosewater) cleanse. Applying rose water after a hot towel wrap helps to tighten capillaries, reduce redness and blotchiness.   The aroma of roses is also said to be a powerful mood enhancer, assisting in removing feelings of anxiety and promoting emotional wellbeing.

Pressure points

We initiate the reflexology process by gently pressing on the solar plexus and adrenal pressure points on your face which focus the body on relaxing and calming the breath.  This helps you, the client to become more balanced and peaceful.  We are creating a peaceful environment that enables the client to let go and relax as we connect our hands with our clients face for the first time.

During the next stage we begin stimulating pressure points.  This invigorates blood and lymph circulation in the client’s facial tissues.  Gentle pressure is applied to each of the points around the face.  This part of the treatment creates better blood and lymph flow.   The body also begins to start the process of rebalancing and self-healing.  An example of our body’s healthy self healing abilities is seen when a cut in the skin heals itself in good time.  Reflexology assists with this self-healing process through deeply relaxing the body and releasing imbalances and constrictions found in the reflex points.

Ear Reflexology.

Many lymph nodes are found in the ears and when the body is experiencing pain or discomfort, it sends signals along the same nerve pathways that help to dull the perceived acuteness of that pain. By stimulating the sensitive nerves in the ear reflexes during a headache or migraine, we have a great opportunity to help the body rebalance and take inventory of its areas of tension without invading the area of sensitivity with deep tissue massage, shots or harmful medications.  Ear Reflexology is also known to assist with addictions.


Sam Belyea, Reflexologist, discusses the benefits of ear reflexology here:

When the body decides to manifest physical symptoms, the ears are a quick and easy way to observe the current state of the body’s systems. Redness, irritation, hypervascularity, dryness and temperature changes can all be noticed in sections of the reflex areas on the ear that are currently under duress.   As with the face, feet and hands the body organs are mapped onto the ears in specific ways.

At the end of a treatment clients feel super relaxed.  As reflex points are balanced, your face begins to feel more mobile and your mental attitude becomes much more positive.  Headaches and other tension related symptoms often disappear, calmness to deal with the myriad of situations in the environments people work and live in are often mentioned by clients.  This gentle treatment often amazes clients when they feel the results they receive in return for an hour of deep relaxation.

During the initial four to six weekly treatment stages, the initial weekly treatment periods calmness and clarity of mind gradually increases from a couple of days to longer periods of time as health and wellbeing is improved.

We’ve had great results in the Sole to Heal Clinic.  Here are a few of them:

  • Reduction in nightmares
  • PMS symptoms reduced and balanced out
  • Jaw tension reduced
  • Sore shoulders and neck symptoms relaxed
  • Reduction in headaches to name but a few.

Now for those interested, a little of the science?

It is true that our faces often reflect how we are feeling.  The collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis provide your skin with strength, they give skin ability to stretch and provide elasticity which enables the skin to return to its original shape after stretching.   All facial expressions stretch the skin.


One of the best ways to relax muscles is through massage and exercise.  Beneath the skin lie the facial muscles which hold the muscle tone.  Facial muscles play an important role in the way you look and relaxed facial muscles enable the promotion of cell growth, vital to a fresh complexion and wellbeing.  The Dermis also contains blood and lymph vessels.

When muscles are tightened for long periods of time, for example with habitually held expressions, the flow of blood is impeded which starves the muscles of both oxygen and nutrients.   The blood circulatory system removes waste products and destroys invading bacteria while carrying the nutrients required throughout your entire body.   Through the natural face lift massage process, restrictions to the body’s blood and muscular system are eased away.  Here we see how facial muscles move:

Ear Reflexology also works on the lymphatic circulatory system.  There is a vast network in the body which consists of lymph nodes and lymph vessels through which a watery fluid called lymph flows.  Originating from the blood plasma,  lymph is formed from the clear fluid that bathes all the tissues of the body.  The main function of the lymphatic system is to filter unwanted materials and produce lymphocytes which destroy bacteria and viruses.   It also helps to remove excess fluid from the tissues and absorbs digested fat.  We can already see the importance of these cells working well.

Lymphatic system

Enjoy the following video about the Lymphatic System:

The area where lymph nodes cluster are known as glands.  Glands cleanse the lymph before it returns to the blood circulatory system.  When your body has an infection these glands work very hard producing antibodies to help the body overcome infections.  We have sebaceous glands and sweat glands in the skin cell.  There are of course other important well known glands around the body such as the Thyroid Gland, Ovaries, Testes, Thymus, Solar Plexus, Pineal and Pituitary to name but a few.

Sebaceous OIl gland

On receiving Reflexology treatments the blood and lymph circulatory systems are stimulated through the use of lymphatic drainage techniques.  The movement of muscles helps to push the lymph along the lymph vessels known as the lymphatics.  In the morning, on rising, the face can sometimes look puffy.  This can be due to a sluggish lymphatic system.  By encouraging lymphatic drainage there is marked reduction in puffiness and improvements to a sluggish lympatic system.

You will also see an increased blood flow after a treatment which shows as a flushed or slight redness. Over time the increase of oxygen and nutrients to the skin will show as softer feeling and looking skin.

The glands in the body connect many systems in the body through the release of hormones.  Adrenal hormones such as adrenaline can effect the energy of the body particularly when over stimulated through tension and stress.  Chronic fatigue and ME are two conditions that have become very well known in modern times.

A blockage in our energy flow can cause many of the common symptoms we see in modern times such as fatigue and pain and many of our modern diseases.

The endocrine system animated for you:

The body’s major organ systems worked on by a clinical Reflexologist all see improvements including the digestive, eliminatory, reproductive, respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems.

The nervous system is important in the way it allows us to interact with our environment by sensing change around it and within the body.  It responds and interprets changes while directly influencing mental activities.  The nervous system also effects the muscular and glandular activity of the body and can inhibit the free movement of the muscles or glands when depressed from acting in a healthy way.

The nervous system

For more information on the nervous system and how it functions here is a wonderful website: http://www.news-medical.net/health/What-is-the-Nervous-System.aspx

Reflexology is known to help bring balance back through deep relaxation and reduction of tensions held in the body through releasing imbalances in the reflex points.

For appointments or more information email Tracey on soletoheal@gmail.com, call or text Tracey on (Ph) 021 044 8585.

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