Reflexology – how it can help you!


Reflexology aims to restore the natural self-healing, homeostatic, processes of a well functioning body through relaxation of the nervous system and balancing of healthy feedback loops.  Face & Ear, Foot or Hand Reflexology are all wonderful tools for:

  • Releasing congestions to improve circulation
  • Hormonal balancing – Menopause & Andropause
  • Balancing PMS Symptoms
  • Relaxation & support pre and post pregnancy
  • Helping children sleep & relax – reflex points for parents
  • Nurturing Feet, Face, Hands and Ears (tools we use everyday)
  • Joint Pain & Arthritis
  • Revitalising energy & mobility
  • Reducing lymph inflammations
  • Pacifying chronic pain levels
  • Relieving Headaches, sinuses and allergies
  • Nurturing emotional well-being
  • Activating Clarity of mind
  • Relaxing symptoms of Asthma
  • Relaxing Back Strain
  • Stimulating Productivity

Each treatment, whether it be Feet, Face & Ears, Hands assists the body into a better state of balance, brings deep relaxation and nourishes the body’s extremities in a way that encourages continued wellbeing.

Combined with hot compresses and essential oil warm up massages, clients leave feeling pampered and uplifted, their senses fully embraced, bodies completely relaxed.

Wellbeing consultations gently coach clients in exploring the lifestyle choices that interest them, alongside the health improvements reflexology brings to body / mind / emotions.  Uplifting conversations that support health and wellbeing nourish that sense of feeling listened too and heard, important for all.

Treatments end with organic herbal teas that encourage the circulatory system and assist the body in releasing the toxins that Reflexology treatments encourage out.

The tranquil space created at Sole to Heal Clinic leaves clients feeling encouraged, supported, relaxed and revitalised on all levels.  A real space to retreat and unwind.


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Owner of Sole to Heal Natural Therapies Clinic

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