About the Sole to Heal Clinic and Reflexology

Hello and welcome. I am Tracey Scott-Nicholson, the owner of the Sole to Heal Reflexology and Reiki Clinic.  I established the clinic after I qualified through Nelson’s Aromaflex Academy as a Professional Clinical Reflexologist in 2014.

I chose to look into meditation and other healing therapies when I was in my 20’s.  I have spent many years enjoying studying and learning pathways to better wellbeing.  Along the way I discovered therapies that work well in benefitting my health alongside my medical treatments. I enjoy sharing this knowledge with clients alongside giving individualised therapeutic treatments that benefits the health of our whole body. 

While enjoying work as a volunteer in a hospice for the terminally ill, I gave aromatherapy foot massage treats and trained in holistic care for the terminally ill. During this time I decided to make a change and follow my heart in the work I chose to do.  This came after spending many years working as a Professional Administrator in environments that didn’t focus too much on wellbeing. 

Now I combine my love of therapies in my clinic part time and still work part time as an educational administrator bringing healthy awareness and balance to this busy work environment. It seems today that healing and wellbeing is an area much needed in our current busy, stress filled lives.  This has been proven to me time and time again through the clients who have visited my clinic over the years and been thankful to be able to come somewhere peaceful, quiet, relaxing, revitalising and healing.  Somewhere to talk about lifes challenges and explore the numerous different options available to us.

While studying for a Certificate in Aromatherapy Massage at Aromaflex Academy in Nelson, I saw some information on a Diploma in Reflexology also offered by the College which excited me.  Following this path, my training with Shelley Monrad at Aromaflex was inspiring, and it gave me the confidence to open my own clinic combining initially Reflexology and Aromatherapy.  

Registered as a member of the Natural Health Practitioners NZ and Reflexology NZ, I now practice offering a number of therapies in my lovely, peaceful Point Chevalier based clinic.  Through continued Professional Development and Research I am able to upskill and offer new therapies that include the best of wellbeing wisdom from all around the world.  Some of the additional treatments I am now able to offer include Ayurvedic Foot /Face Massage, Facial Reflexology Treatments, Reiki and Colour Therapies.

What can clients expect from a Reflexology Treatment at the Sole to Heal Clinic?

All treatments start with a foot bath or hot towel wrap and warm up Aromatherapy massage. Initial 1 hour treatments always include a wellbeing consultation.  The consultation establishes the client’s current health and wellbeing, expectations from the treatment and the opportunity to find out more about what a reflexology treatment entails.  After the treatment, we discuss your findings, home exercises and a treatment plan is set in place. 

A standard reflexology treatment plan is usually four to six weekly sessions during which time a client should start to see improvements to their health.  As improvements occur, fortnightly sessions continue to assist in releasing tender areas, crunchiness on the feet, and continue to help relax the body emotionally and mentally.  When a full sense of wellbeing is reached clients look forward to a monthly relaxing treatment that assists the body in maintaining it’s own state of balance and enabling the natural healing abilities of the immune system.

What, then, is Reflexology? 

AT_Egyptian_reflexologyReflexology is an ancient treatment modality practiced by the ancient Egyptians, the Chinese and more recently the western world.   In the western world, reflexology pressure points were identified by an American ear, nose and throat specialist when he found that pressing on one part of the body led to anaesthetisation in another part of the body.  Eventually minor surgery was performed  using this technique and from later research the first body zones for reflexology were developed.  Today Reflexology is established throughout the world as an important therapeutic tool leading to health and wellbeing for many.

In Reflexology the whole body is mapped on to the feet, hands and ears.  By massaging and applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands and ears, known as reflex areas, the body is assisted in releasing long-held tensions.  An example of a reflex is a Doctor testing the knee reflex by tapping the knee.  If the knee moves in response to the tap, in a healthy way, the reflex is functioning well.

The aim of a reflexologist is to stimulate the reflex points enabling the client’s body’s self-healing processes so that homeostasis and balance occurs.  A Clinical Reflexologist studies and works to assist the body’s various systems including the circulatory, endocrine, respiratory, urinary and nerve related systems.

A Reflexologist is able to feel where areas of the body might be out of alignment through tender areas in the reflexes, crystal deposits under the skin and from the client registering sensitive / sore areas on the feet.  The feet are usually worked on as there are many nerve endings in the skin and this tends to be one of the most sensitive area on the body.

There may be times when the feet are damaged and unable to be worked on, this is where we then work on the arms or ears instead.  As with the feet the reflex points on the hands and ears also cover the entire body.  Clinical reflexologists have much success with many clinical conditions and work as complementary therapists assisting with both acute and chronic health conditions.

Much research is now being done on the positive effects and science of Reflexology and some of this can be found on my blog posts and links page.

For available appointment times please contact Tracey on:

(ph) 021 044 8585 or by (email) soletoheal@gmail.com

I look forward to working with you towards a path of wellbeing.

Warmest wishes, Tracey at the Sole to Heal Clinic


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