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Hello and welcome. I am Tracey Scott-Nicholson, the owner of the Sole to Heal Reflexology and Aromatherapy Clinic.  I established the clinic after I qualified through Nelson’s Aromaflex Academy as a Professional Clinical Reflexologist in 2014.  I spent many years prior to this studying different modalities in natural healthcare.  

Along the way I discovered therapies that worked well and continue to work well in benefiting my health.  Completing my degree level Anatomy & Physiology training at AUT University was immensely beneficial to my understanding of the physical body when working with reflexology and aromatherapy. 

Natural therapies were to prove particularly beneficial when I started menopause in my early 40’s as I became chronically fatigued and had challenges with my digestive / respiratory systems.  I became aware that as the body goes through menopause transformation the hormone balances change.  This can create tension in the body causing challenges for both men and women. 

Along with natural therapies, a degree in social psychology, anatomy & physiology, career counselling papers, meditation studies and a great doctor who explained the body changes well to me, I learnt how to work through these challenges.  Now I enjoy sharing my understanding of natural healthcare with clients during their individualised aromatherapy and reflexology therapeutic treatments. 

Reflexology and Aromatherapy benefit the health of all our bodies – physical, emotional, mental and the more subtle anatomical fields being discovered today by our quantum physicists. The pathway to wellness and good health is an interesting one and I feel we can all learn to enjoy and benefit from sharing the journey.

While training as a volunteer in a New Zealand hospice for the terminally ill, I began giving deeply relaxing aromatherapy foot massage treatments.  This began my training in holistic care and was to prove invaluable to me when my father passed late last year. The smell of Aromatherapy oils brings much peace to the environment. 

After my hospice training I decided to make a change and follow my heart in the work I chose to do.  This came after spending many years working as a Professional Administrator, in very busy work environments, where the tempo of life these days seems to have sped up considerably. 

Now I combine my love of reflexology, aromatherapy and herbal tea in my home clinic part time, and also work part time as an educational administrator, bringing healthy awareness and balance to these busy work environments. It seems today that healing, peace and wellbeing is much needed to balance out our current busy lifestyles.  This has been proven to me time and time again through the clients who have visited my clinic over the last few years. 

Clients have been thankful to be able to come somewhere peaceful, quiet, relaxing and revitalising.  Somewhere to talk about life’s challenges and explore the numerous different options in health available to us.  To just have someone to talk too and be heard feels good.  I feel very fortunate to have had available the many wonderful options and courses, to train in, that are available in our world today.

While studying for a Certificate in Aromatherapy Massage at Aromaflex Academy in Nelson, I saw some information on a Diploma in Reflexology also offered by the College which excited me.  Following this path, my training with Shelley Monrad at Aromaflex was inspiring, and it gave me the confidence to open up my own clinic combining initially Reflexology and then Aromatherapy.  

Registered as a member of the Natural Health Practitioners NZ, I now practice offering my natural therapies in my lovely, peaceful Point Chevalier based clinic.  Initially I had a small garden clinic, the one pictured here.  Now I am blessed to have a lovely room set up in our house which is inviting, relaxing, smells aromatically divine and revitalises people as soon as they walk in. 

Through continued Professional Development and Research I am able to upskill and keep updated with new aromatherapy and reflexology treatments.   Much research is now being done on the positive effects and science of Natural Healthcare therapies, you can find more on my interesting links page.  I hope you have the time to visit my Treatments Options page to see the current treatments available at the clinic and come along to begin your wellbeing journey.

And finally I must add a big thank you to all my regular clients, who I am blessed to have in my clinic. I look forward to continuing working with you and all the new clients who take their first step towards their own Sole to Heal Pathways.

For available appointment times please contact Tracey on:

(ph) 021 044 8585 or by (email) soletoheal@outlook.com

I look forward to working with you towards a path of wellbeing.

Warmest wishes, Tracey at the Sole to Heal Clinic http://www.nhpnz.org/tracey-scott-nicholson/ Advanced Natural Therapies Practitioner at Natural Health Practioners NZ


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