Sole to Heal Clinic Feedback

2019 After my face reflexology treatment I was amazed at how calm and relaxed I felt, not just my face but my whole body and it lasted for some time afterwards too.   I’m sure I looked younger and I felt a whole lot lighter.  I realised how good my face could feel without stress and tension and it was a revelation.     Thank you Tracey, I loved this treatment.  It far exceeded my expectations and I’ll be back for more.  Would love a couple of closer treatments to start me off.  (Wendy)

November 2018

I felt an immediate sense of peace even though I was in the middle of a migraine after the long distance reiki treatment.  My migraines often last for days, I woke up the next day refreshed and with no continuing migraine.  Thank you.  Mandy

My hips have been much better since the long distance reiki treatment.  I can now walk up and down steps much easier again.  Sandra

During the long distance reiki treatment I felt so relaxed and calm.  The back pain I had was reduced and I slept so well which hasn’t been easy to do when in long term pain. M.N

I can tell you are the real deal, I felt immediate changes to my energy which left me feeling peaceful and calm reducing my anxiety on all levels.  D.H 

Had a wonderful treatment at the Clinic!  Let people know so we can share the advantages of these wonderful natural therapies with as many people as possible.  Read more feedback below.  You can email me at or add feedback to:

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Thank you to everyone for your willingness to share.  Have a peace filled day :

2018 – Hi Tracey! Thank you so much for yesterday.  I was asleep by 8.30 last night which is unheard of and I’ve woken up feeling incredibly clear headed.  I’m excited for next week’s session.  (Foot Reflexology Treatment for a young mother of a very active special needs child)

“I’m feeling more energised after today’s treatment.  Not at all tired so that’s interesting and my feet feel different, loosened up and flexible” (Reflexology Foot Treatment for a retired client)

Hi Tracey, I’ve been feeling well.  Really lots better than before my treatments and my asthma is totally good again.  I’d love another session please.  (Combination Foot and Face Reflexology treatments for a 38 year old client)

‘As to feedback, I would like to say what a deep sense of relaxation I feel when you give me a session.  I often drift off to sleep! It is the perfect way to balance my body to allow for healing. It is a real treat; something my body just loves:-)’  Caroline Banks

I have been seeing Tracey for a few months now and hot flushes have subsided, very few night sweats, highly recommended. And feels great, so relaxing.

“Tracey and I worked together a few years ago while she was still training to become a reflexologist. Even though she was a ‘student’ at the time, learning and perfecting her craft, I found Tracey to be a kind, professional and learned reflexologist, with a deep empathic approach to her clients. In my case, she helped me navigate an incredibly stress-filled and stressful time on the job. I was working long hours, with very little time to relax, and yet after each treatment with Tracey I felt peaceful and relaxed for the better part of a week. Some long-term pain I’d been experiencing in my lower back also eased up as a result of our treatments together. Based on the results I achieved with Tracey, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and her work to anyone looking for a terrific reflexologist. You won’t regret it.”  L.H.


Thanks for my treatment yesterday. Really enjoyed it and slept very well last night – was in bed and sound asleep by 9.30 and felt pretty good this morning.   Fran D


‘Tracey is a professional Reflexologist, whom I certainly would recommend to clients. I have enjoyed and benefited from Tracey’s treatment’s. So pleased to hear your doors are open for business Tracey.’ Clare Gibbons, Professional Reflexologist


 ‘Lovely clinic and excellent professional treatment. Every treatment I’ve had has enhanced my wellbeing.’  Gregory Holden


‘I have had a few treatments with Tracey and I love her energy. Even though she works on my feet, I feel energised throughout my body after i have had a treatment with her. I love her soft hands and touch. Highly recommended:-)  Thank you Tracey for your wonderful gift!’  Kalpana Chana


‘I really enjoyed the benefit after Tracey’s Ear Seed treatment, no headaches at all.  Brilliant.’  Sandra Scott-Nicholson


‘I have a marked improvement in my pain levels and sense of wellbeing.  The treatments have been a great way to de-stress and find energy I didn’t know I had. I am looking forward to continuing with my treatment program.’ (Anon) 


‘I have been seeing Tracey for a few months now and hot flushes have subsided, very few night sweats, highly recommended. And feels great, so relaxing.’  Sandra H


‘I received regular reflexology treatments from Tracey during her training period and the following autumn and winter my immune system was so much stronger! The difference was amazing-from several severe respiratory illnesses the previous autumn and winter to only 2 minor colds during the winter after I had the reflexology treatments. Tracey’s reflexology sessions are blissful-deeply relaxing and soothing! I thoroughly recommend her.’  Carmen Tonks

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